Celebrating One Hundred and Thirty Years of Education at Wandiligong Primary School




The Wandiligong School building will be celebrating its 140th birthday in 2017. The school is planning to mark this special occasion with some community celebrations and a new commemorative landmark


Today the school has an average enrolment each year of 50 students. This number fluctuates up and down as families migrate to and from the town.  The style and delivery of education today is markedly different to now to those very early days. Teachers student ratios are high, classes are small and a variety of specialist staff work at the school each week.


Wandiligong is now a very progressive small school that has had numerous facility upgrades in recent years, is very well resourced and has 8 different staff members who work at the school in an ongoing capacity each week


The  Bastow designed Wandiligong School brick building was built in 1877 complete with the bell tower that still exists today.


Schooling actually began in Wandiligong in 1860 in the Weslyan Chapel which stood on the site of the Uniting Church. The school quickly outgrew the church building and in 1868 the head teacher Mr Croft, with the school committee, petitioned the Board of Education for more appropriate facilities. In 1860 a new wooden school house was opened, but as student enrolments continued to grow to 113 in 1872 and to 285 in 1873 the board later agreed to a more permanent brick building including the bottom room and bell tower which was completed in 1877.


 The top room was added in 1881 to cater for 300 students attending the school at that time. Extensive school building repairs were undertaken in 1956 and 1969 and again in 2016


 The National Trust recorded the building in 1960 and then in 1984 upgraded it to ‘classified.’


It is the responsibility of school council to ensure that they pursue every opportunity to obtain funding to ensure that our School is kept in pristine condition worthy of such an important community building.


 At the celebration of the 120th birthday of the school the following poem was written by two grade 5 students Romana Suszko and Lauren Smith. The sentiment expressed in this work is still valid to the students today.




Our school has stood for many years


It is a happy place that holds no fears.


It is now part of history, acknowledged by all


As a special building that should not fall.


It keeps our secrets locked inside


We treasure our school with pleasure and pride.


The bell in the tower echoes around


To the people in the valley it’s a familiar sound.


We children have learnt many good things


And we value the joy…. and the sadness that brings.


We hope that our memories will always remain


And this wonderful old building will stay the same.


 And so on this special occasion we’d like to say


 We wish our old building a happy 120th birthday.